Charlie Chaplin had returned in the early 80s all of a sudden.

He appeared in commercials for some large grey boxes with keyboards and green or amber monitors.

At the age of eight years, I wasn't planning my business or evaluating my strategies. So I wasn't interested in personal computers.

However, my interest changed suddenly when my brother got a slick black Sinclair ZX81. On that thing I wrote my first for-next loop in basic.

Later my brother had a Commodore C64, and some time later I got a Schneider CPC Computer.

A long time later, in 1996, I decided to study computer science and started with an internship in a small company in Berlin.

There, I programmed C on a Silicon Graphics Indigo2 which I later even owned for some time.

I studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, which was a rather practical institute.

I wrote my diploma with support from MetaDesign AG Berlin, part of the diploma was a C++ software using OpenGL which ran on IRIX, Linux and later also Apple Mac OS X.

The software allows to easily implement algorithms to visualize structured data. The approach is meant to allow testing of algorithms in an experimental way.

After I successfully finished my diploma, I worked in Berlin as a freelancer, a mentionable portion of my work was with MetaDesign.

The personal computer had become the fastest and most flexible tool, linux was a highly reliable system and ideal for learning.

In 2004 I was hired by Vodafone D2, so I moved to Düsseldorf. This was my first job where I could not even see the computers I was working with.

Not a long time passed and I moved on to Frankfurt and work for Impetus GmbH, a consulting company specialized on business solutions involving quite large databases and data warehouses.

It was nice to have administration rights again on my computer.

Now I am living in Italy, and whatever will be, computers will very certainly be part of it.

Wether I see them or not.